Luxor 3

Luxor 3

A popular action game inspired by the culture of Ancient Egypt

Luxor 3 is a popular action-puzzle game, which consists of preventing a line of spheres from being swallowed by the mouths at the end of the path.
The way to do this is by throwing spheres with the purpose of aligning more than three of the same color and making them disappear. This way, you can beat the evils and advance through its 88 levels, some of which are quite challenging. The game has nicely designed graphics and music inspired by the art of Ancient Egypt.

The game is quite easy to play, even more if you are familiar with any of the earlier editions. Although you can simply start to play right after opening the program, some users may also like to consult the accompanying how-to-play guide for better results.

It is good that the game allows setting individual profiles so that many different users can play from the same work session without losing their accomplishments. The program supports three game modes, including Adventure, Puzzle and Free Play. For me, Puzzle is the most interesting, because it requires an additional effort. In addition to the reward of advancing to the next level, the game also lets you accumulate treasures as tokens of your deeds. Moreover, there is a store where you can buy amulets to make your task easier.

All in all, Luxor 3 is not the kind of sophisticated games that gets everybody’s attention for its sophisticated 3D graphics and the like. However, I am sure many people will love to spend some time solving puzzles and using strategies to win. It can be played for free but some nagging screens with ads from the sponsors appear from time to time.

Pedro Castro
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  • Multiple challenging levels
  • Various game modes
  • Nicely designed graphics
  • Additional tokens


  • Not very sophisticated graphics
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